Tsipras is Hostage to Kammenos, Says Greek Opposition

Greece’s opposition launched a fierce attack against Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras after Nikos Kotzias’ resignation, accusing him of being a weak leader and the victim of blackmail by Defence Minister Panos Kammenos.

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis highlighted the fact that Tsipras dismissed the foreign minister while, at the same time, he warned that he will not allow double-speak and personal strategies in his government regarding the Prespa agreement.

“He dismissed the person who was an enthusiastic supporter of the agreement and kept [Kammenos] who is totally against,” Mitsotakis said.

It is clear, he added, that “Mr Tsipras is not just a weak prime minister, but he is also the victim of blackmail. And as soon as this farce ends, the better for the country.”

Fofi Gennimata, leader of center-left Movement for Change said that Tsipras and Kammenos are “walking hand-in-hand towards the cliff. But, they will not take the country with them.”

Leader of centrist Potami, Stavros Theodorakis said that Tsipras chose Kammenos over Kotzias.

“The Prime Minister has become a hostage of the Defense Minister, who has assumed the role of a powerful Deputy Prime Minister,” Theodorakis claimed.