Spiderweb Spanning One Kilometer Covers Greek Lake

A phenomenal spiderweb spanning 1,000 meters (one kilometer) has blanketed Lake Vistonida in northern Greece, puzzling locals and scientists alike.

The massive spiderweb has covered trees, shrubs and fences, creating an eerie picture.

A similarly impressive phenomenon occurred in the Aitoliko area of the Acarnania region of western Greece in September, but not of this size.

The web covers the shoreline of Lake Vistonida along the road of Metochi leading to the Vatopedi Monastery in Porto Lagos. It spans at least one kilometer, while reaching a width of 10 meters at some points.

Scientists attribute the phenomenon to warmer than usual weather and an increase in the number of spiders in the area, which, in turn, is a result of the appearance of more snakes in the region.