Former FM Kotzias Challenges Greek Government to Publish Resignation Letter

Former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, who resigned on Wednesday after an angry exchange with Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, has challenged the government to publish his lengthy resignation letter.

“They should publish my letter of resignation,” said Kotzias. “In its nine pages, I explain exactly why I resigned.”

Speaking at a meeting on Thursday evening, Kotzias stressed that Kammenos had no business discussing foreign policy.

“The first role in these matters belongs to the prime minister and the second to the foreign minister,” Kotzias said in response to Kammenos’ initiative last week where he presented his own alternative to the name deal with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) during meeting with U.S. officials in Washington.

Kotzias also refuted suggestions by Kammenos that the Foreign Ministry was “hiding” a string of “confidential expenses,” stating there is “no such issue.”

Political commentators have noted that Kotzias is also angry at Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for maintaining neutrality in the dispute between the two ministers at a cabinet meeting earlier this week.