U.S. Embassy: Release of N17 Terrorist Xiros would be ‘Disservice’ to Victims

The U.S. Embassy in Athens issued a strongly-worded reaction to the request of convicted November 17 terrorist Savvas Xiros to be released from prison on health grounds.
Α decision to release Xiros “would be a disservice to the memory of the American mission members he killed and their families,” says a U.S. Embassy in Athens post on Facebook.
Xiros, 55, is serving five life sentences for his actions as a member of the November 17 terrorist group that included five American diplomats among its victims. Xiros was seriously injured in June 2002 after a bomb prematurely exploded in his hands at the port of Piraeus just prior to a planned attack.
His injuries left him partially blind, and now he is requesting to be released under the auspices of a new law that allows convicts that are seriously impaired to be paroled under certain conditions.
In his petition, filed with his lawyer Anny Paparousou, Xiros claims that he has a disability far above that the 67 percent minimum stipulated by the new law. He stated that he apologized for his actions in 2013, and that the other side must learn to forgive as well.
However, Xiros has stated that he will not leave prison if he will be obligated to wear a bracelet.
Below is the U.S. Embassy’s posting on Facebook: