ELSTAT: Greek GDP Rises by $4.2 Billion in 2017

According to the final figures for 2017 released by Greece’s Statistics Authority (ELSTAT), Greek GDP increased by €3.75 billion ($4.20 billion). This increase is attributed to economic growth in Greece during 2017.

Specifically, the Greek GDP rose from €176.48 billion ($202.57 billion) in 2016 to €180.22 billion ($206.87 billion) in 2017.

ELSTAT also issued its conclusive estimate of Greece’s primary surplus for 2017, placing it at €7.01 billion ($8.05 billion), or 3.9 percent of the country’s GDP.

As a result of the increased GDP, Greece’s debt as a percentage of its GDP decreased by 2.4 percent, falling to 176.1 percent. The respective figure for 2016 was 178.5 percent.

Responding to the figures issued by ELSTAT, The European Statistics Authority (Eurostat) did not express any concerns, considering the data to be accurate.