The Impressive Multi-Level Santorini Winery Built According to the Law of Gravity

The Venetsanos winery, above the port of Athinios, overlooks the magnificent caldera of Santorini. One of the oldest wineries on the island, it has a long tradition and is today a major exporter, particularly to Russia.

The winery was built in 1947 by the Venetsanos family and became the first mass-production winery on the island. Its most impressive feature is its structural design, which utilized the law of gravity to facilitate energy efficiency, at a time when access to electricity and other sources of energy was limited. The winery was built in an unconventional way, constructed from above and moving downwards, with a total of four levels.

Extensively renovated to meet modern standards, what remains from the early days of the winery is a rusty tube at the end of a tunnel. This tube is a relic from a time when wine flowed directly to the harbor in a tank to be loaded on the ships.

Taking advantage of the beautiful location overlooking the caldera, the winery also has a terrace which is available for events such as weddings, while tours of the winery are offered practically all year round.