Katsifas’ Mother: ‘All my Boy did was Raise the Greek Flag’

“My boy never had trouble with the police; all he did was to raise the Greek flag.” These are the words of the mother of Konstantinos Katsifas, the 35-year-old man who was killed by Albanian police on Sunday.

Speaking to private television station Skai TV on Tuesday, Vassiliki Katsifa said that her son did nothing wrong and that the Albanian authorities persecuted him because of his beliefs.

“I was telling him to be careful, but he was not afraid. He was saying that he is not doing anything that is wrong,” she said.

“They wanted to bend him, so they killed him,” said Katsifa, adding that Albanian authorities attempt to intimidate the Greeks who live in the village of Vouliarates in Albania where her son was killed.

“If my boy did something wrong, then justice should be served,” said Katsifa’s mother, who resides in Vouliarates.

“No one gives us any explanation of why that happened. My boy never had trouble with the police; all he did was raise the Greek flag,” said Katsifa.

“They don’t like Greece here. My child wanted to live in mother Greece,” Katsifa’s mother said, describing how Albanian police entered her house just hours after her son’s death. “I did not let them in. I asked them, “What is it?” and they did not answer.”

According to Katsifa, her son would regularly visit the village in the past five or six years, raising the Greek flag whenever there was a Greek national holiday.

Regarding the investigation surrounding the circumstances in which her son was killed, Vassiliki Katsifa said that a Greek expert will visit the village to investigate the incidents that led to her son’s death.

“We are optimistic that they will help us and the truth will shine so my boy can rest in peace,” she said.