Video of Murder of Greek Businessman Yiannis Makris Comes to Light

A surveillance camera video of the murder of 46-year-old businessman Yannis Makris in the Athens suburb of Voula came to light, showing the moment of the attack on Wednesday.

The video shows the assailant approaching once the victim had gotten into his car. The attacker then fires a handgun with a silencer through the passenger window.

The murderer had his face covered and was wearing a baseball cap. The act took just a few seconds, as Makris got out of the car and attempted to run. The killer followed him and shot him at almost point-blank range.

As the subtitles on the video explain, the footage of the murderer chasing the victim and shooting him has been cut. Makris did not take more that 3-4 steps before he fell on the ground and received the fatal shots.