Albania Says 52 Greeks at Katsifas Funeral ‘Undesirable’

Albania’s Ministry of the Interior has labeled 52 Greeks who attended the funeral of Konstantinos Katsifas “undesirables”, adding fuel to the fire which broke out with the killing of the 35-year-old Greek man by Albanian police.

Albanian press reports that the country’s Minister of the Interior Sander Lleshaj described the 52 Greeks as “undesirable”. He said that the particular individuals made provocative statements about Albania’s constitutional order, national security and public peace while they were in the country.

Lleshaj called the acts of certain groups “unacceptable to vulgar” and “dangerous” and said that they “transformed the mourning of a family and the burial ritual into an intolerable manifestation of extremism” leading him to declare that “These people, as well as others whose profile is being analyzed by the security forces regarding yesterday’s extremist demonstration in the village of Vouliarates, will not be able to enter the country for the time period stipulated by law.”

The Albanian minister closed his statement by saying that “No alien can break the law in our country without having to face the consequences and the law.”