Metis, The Innovative Greek Shipping Product That’s Conquering The World (video)

An innovative new product named Metis, based in Greece and developed exclusively by Greek scientists with extensive experience in the particular needs and requirements of the shipping industry, is already being used by many shipping companies all over the world.

Metis consists of “smart” signal and data collectors connected to different ship systems, which use the internet to relay vital data to shipping companies and shipowners on a 24-hour basis. The data includes information about the ship’s operation, course and fuel consumption, but the data also can be used to prevent problems which could disrupt or even stop the operation of the vessels.

This system is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, utilizing wireless networks and smart device technology, and can also provide data in cases where a ship has struck an object and the collision was not perceived by the crew.

Metis officials, talking to state-run AMNA, described a case where the data collectors sensed violent jarring and stress on a ship which was sailing from China to Australia.

“The whole ship suffered strain and then the system found that the particular ship had carried out a 360 degree turn and then returned to continue its course. This manoeuvre had a significant cost in fuel and was never mentioned by the crew but our smart device detected it,” the scientists said.

“The captain of the ship could have denied that it happened but the system had recorded it from the cps of the ship,” they added. The officials also noted a similar occurrence which happened on another ship operating near South America.

Source: A.M.N.A.