Brave Driver Tackles Snow-Covered Mt. Olympus (video)

The mountain of the ancient Greek gods, Mt. Olympus, is now covered in fresh blanket of snow, creating a majestic landscape.

A Greek driver defied the wintry conditions this weekend, daring to drive up the snow-covered slopes of the mountain. His dashcam footage shows the mesmerizing beauty of Olympus in the winter.

In addition to Olympus, the mountain tops of Menalo in the Peloponnese, Pilio in Thessaly and Karpenisi in central Greece saw 10 centimeters of snow over the weekend.

The National Meteorological Service (EMY) is forecasting rain for most parts of the country in the coming days and snow for mountainous parts of central and northern Greece,  particularly Epirus, Macedonia, Thessaly and Thrace.