Cyprus to Build Hospital in Greece’s Fire-Stricken Mati

The Republic of Cyprus announced on Tuesday plans to build a hospital in Mati, the region of Greece which was devastated by the July wildfires, in a gesture of solidarity with Greece.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades made the announcement after he received a donation of 50,000 euros for the East Attica fire victims on behalf of two Cypriot workers’ unions during a meeting at the Presidential Palace.

“We have forwarded our intention, after consultation with the Prime Minister (of Greece) to build a hospital with the money the State and various organizations,” including television channels and individuals, have donated, he stated.

The Cypriot President expressed the need “to have a symbolic building showing the solidarity of the Hellenism of Cyprus when tragedies happen.”

“As we have had the support of Greece in many cases in the past, we will show our solidarity as well,” the Cypriot President stated.”A hospital in the area where the tragic events following the fire in Mati happened will be a donation from the Republic of Cyprus and the Greeks of Cyprus with a specific symbolism,” he emphasized.