EU To Launch “Spy School” in Greece

The European Union is considering establishing an intelligence school which will be led by Greece and Cyprus, the journal Politico reported on Monday.

“Eyebrows will be raised by the proposal to have Greece lead the academy, with help from Cyprus, meaning two of the EU’s members with the closest ties to Moscow would run the project,” the Politico report says.

Eyebrows may also be raised in Turkey, due to the ongoing disputes with Greece and Cyprus over energy resource rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, it adds.

Other joint projects proposed by the EU include a small joint operations special forces development project led by Greece, an electronic warfare capability project to be headquartered in the Czech Republic, and others “(ranging) from improving training and facilities to boosting maritime operations and air systems,” Politico says.

There has been no official confirmation of the report at this time by either the EU or the Greek government.

The journal obtained a draft of a document containing details of the joint spy school and sixteen other new projects which will be approved by the EU’s defense ministers.