Cleaner’s Conviction to 10-Year Imprisonment Over Forged Diploma Sparks Controversy

The Supreme Court in Athens, Greece

A 53-year-old woman was convicted to 15 years of imprisonment for forging an Elementary School diploma in order to get a job in the public sector as a cleaner back in 1996.

The sentence was reduced to 10 years after the woman appealed, but the decision sparked widespread controversy in Greece, with political parties, media and ordinary people expressing their disagreement with the court’s decision, since it is seen as extremely harsh.

On Thursday evening, the Greek Supreme Court intervened to the dispute, with its President, Xeni Demetriou, ordering to review the case herself in order to see if the judges of Volos were involved in any wrongdoing while handling the case.

The woman who was working as a cleaner at a kindergarten in Thessaly’s city of Volos, is currently serving her sentence at the prison of Thiva. She was the only one working in her family, as her husband is unable to work due to a disability.