Number of Refugees, Migrants at Moria Camp Drops Below 6,000

The number of migrants and refugees at the Moria reception and hospitality center on Lesvos has dropped below 6,000, according to new figures by the Ministry of Migration Policy released on Thursday.

Specifically, out of 7,850 asylum seekers currently on Lesvos, 5,860 are hosted at the Moria camp and 1,140 at the Kara Tepe camp. The remaining are staying in apartments provided by NGOs and the UNHCR.

The reduction of people at the overcrowded Moria camp came after reports of unhealthy and dangerous living conditions. A large number of refugees and migrants who belong to vulnerable groups were transferred to the Greek mainland.

According to the same data, 1,370 asylum seekers remain on Chios and 4,100 on Samos.