Poll: 71% of Greeks Believe New Democracy to Win Next Elections

Seven in 10 Greeks believe that New Democracy will win the next national elections, while six in 10 said that snap elections are “probably needed”, a new opinion poll shows.

The survey that was conducted by Public Issue on behalf of Proto Thema news website shows that 71 percent of respondents believe that the main opposition will be the winner in the next elections, while only 17 percent believe that SYRIZA will be re-elected.

Asked whether there is a need for elections in Greece today, 60 percent responded “probably needed,” while 37 percent expressed the opposite view

In the question “how would you feel if SYRIZA won the next elections, 46 percent of respondents said they would feel sad, 36 percent would be indifferent and 15 percent responded that they will be relieved.

If the same question regarding New Democracy, 24 percent said they would feel sad, 40 percent would be indifferent and 34 percent responded that they would feel relief.