Greece Has Highest Unemployment in the EU

Although unemployment in Greece dropped from 19 percent in July to 18.9 percent in August, it remains the country with the highest unemployment rate in the EU.

According to the EU official statistical authority Eurostat, in October joblessness in the eurozone remained stable at 8.1 percent, reaching record lows since November 2008. In the EU itself, overall unemployment was even lower, at 6.7 percent, the lowest rate since January 2000.

Greece also had the highest jobless rate for young people (considered those under 25), with 36.8 percent of them currently experiencing unemployment.

However, despite those seemingly grim numbers, Greece showed a substantial decrease in unemployment year to year, dropping to 18.9 percent in August 2018 compared to 20.8 percent in the same month in 2017.

Spain follows Greece in joblessness rates with 14.8 percent.  The Czech Republic leads the E.U. pack, with only 2.2 percent unemployment currently, followed by Germany with 3.3 percent.