Greeks Pay More For Food and Beverages


    According to data released by Eurostat for the year 2017, seventeen percent of total expenses for Greek households went to pay for food and non-alcoholic beverages last year. The average percentage for all the nations of the entire European Union was 12.2.

    The data show a clear distinction between Eastern and Western Europe, with the households of Eastern E.U. member states spending significantly more for their food and non-alcoholic beverages than those of the North and West.

    Romania is highest on the list, with 27.8 percent of household expenses being spent to buy food and drinks, while the U.K. came last, with only 8.2 per cent.

    Greece ranked eighth among the 28 E.U. member states, with the top ten spots rounded out by Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland and Portugal.

    Citizens of Cyprus paid an average of 13.7 percent of their expenses for food and drink, an amount much closer to the European average.