Riveting Social-Commentary Video Goes Viral in Greece

A new social-commentary video has gone viral in Greece this Christmas season. The startling video, a creation of filmmakers Panagiotis Papoutsakis and Thodoris Papadoulakis, shows how inhospitable Greek cities are to people with special needs.

And it also shows, more disturbingly, how Greek people themselves sometimes marginalize those who live with disabilities.

In four minutes, “My Brother” shows that there can be another side to many stories, and we must think before we rush to judge a person for their acts.

The script was written by Papoutsakis and Papadoulakis, who also directed the short film. Papadoulakis was recently in the director’s chair for “The Island”, a television series based on the best-selling Victoria Hislop novel of the same title.

The eye-opening and, at times, hard to watch, short film was shot in the center of Chania, Crete. The story takes place on Christmas Eve, a time for giving and for loving one another — but not all others, as “My Brother” clearly shows.