Greek Coast Guard Storms Drug-Carrying Vessel (video)

    Photo taken just as the men prepare to jump onto the vessel. Video by FRONTEX

    The Hellenic Coast Guard, in cooperation with FRONTEX, the E.U. border and Coast Guard force, released a video on Wednesday of the moment their men jumped onto a Syrian-flagged vessel.

    As a result of the ship’s seizure, which took place this week, authorities recovered six tons of hashish and three million tablets of a drug called ”captagon”, which is also known as ”the drug of the jihadists”.

    The Coast Guard, operating out the port of Heraklion in Crete, ordered the vessel ”NOKA”  to head to Heraklion after it had moored for several days off Sitia, as the Greek authorities suspected that it might be carrying drugs.

    The authorities managed to conduct a well-organized and thorough search inside the vessel after it reached the port, where they discovered eighteen different containers, some of which contained the illegal drugs.

    The Coast Guard video, released on Wednesday, depicts the very moment when the men belonging to the Guard’s “Underwater Missions Unit” jumped onto the vessel while it was underway in the Aegean Sea.