Two Separate Shooting Deaths in Athens

A 48-year-old Greek man was found dead at dawn on Thursday in the area of ​​Moschato, Attica. Earlier today, another man was shot in the head at a coffee shop in Omonoia Square.

According to police, the man in Moschato was assaulted by two men in the junction of Pindos and Kanarou streets and was shot in the head and back. The assailants left the scene running.

The police have launched an investigation into both deaths.

Earlier, a little before midnight, another man, reportedly an Albanian, fell dead in a cafe in Omonoia Square, central Athens, after shots in the head from two assailants.

The methods of the two killings make police suspect that they are assassinations by rival crime gangs. They also are investigating whether the same perpetrators committed both crimes.