Online Commerce Booming in Greece

According to data published by the Greek Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) on Thursday, the number of Greeks who used the internet to purchase goods for personal use increased significantly in 2018.

More specifically, the regions with the highest increase were the Aegean Islands and Crete, with 18.4 percent more purchases conducted via the internet this year.

The vast majority (85.6 percent) of those who bought goods using the internet, preferred to buy them from local enterprises based in Greece.

A total of 34.9 percent of shoppers bought things from another EU-member state and only 18.9 percent bought something outside of the E.U.

Nearly one out of two people who bought items over the internet, did so just once or twice in 2018, with 29.4 percent saying that they made between three and five different purchases.

Approximately half, 54.4 percent, of the buyers bought goods worth less than €99, with only 9.1 percent saying that they bought items worth more than €500.

The majority of the goods which were bought via the internet in Greece in 2018 were shoes and clothes. The online booking of hotels and rooms gained ground, however, as this sector represented 28.3 percent of total internet purchases, compared to 22.5 percent during 2017.

The biggest increase overall was recorded in the area of online food orders, with its percentage skyrocketing from 9.3 percent in 2017 to 23.2 percent of total purchases in 2018.