Protected Species Threatened Along Greek-Albanian Border

Protected deer in Greece

Over 200 traps for the poaching of wild animals have been found along the Greek-Albanian border in the last three months by members of the Environmental Protection Association (EPA) of Kastoria. The recent ominous discovery of the snares was reported to the state-run news agency AMNA.

The wire snares were found along forest paths used by wild animals and were securely attached to trees, so that the animals could not escape if they were caught.

Unfortunately, poaching in general is nothing new to the area. Illegal hunting is known to be widespread, with endangered species threatened every year from the unlawful activity.

Nikos Panagiotopoulos, a member of the Kastoria EPA, said that local people are aware of the incidents and many have seen hunters attempting to kill deer, which are all protected under law.

“It is the most unorthodox way of hunting, as the wild animal is trapped and dies from a lack of food and exhaustion as it can remain tied up for many days,” Panagiotopoulos said, adding that the placing of traps in the woods threatens wildlife in the most immoral way.

These wire snares threaten not only deer but any animal that is unlucky enough to use the forest paths, according to the Association.

The Kastoria EPA has filed a complaint with the forestry department about this new poaching technique, expressing grave concern about the future of wildlife in the entire mountainous area between Greece and Albania.

With information from A.M.N.A.