Survey Discloses Greek Preferences at Start of 2019

Everyday dilemmas faced by modern Greeks were put to the test in a wide-ranging national survey. The results of the survey were released on Friday.

675 people aged 17 and over were called to choose between Christmas and Easter, love and passion, souvlaki and pizza, among other small or large dilemmas, in the survey conducted on behalf of

The survey asked eleven questions of the respondents.

Christmas or Easter? 6 out of 10 responded in favor of Christmas, while 32.6 percent preferred Easter.

Passion or Love? 26.1 percent said passion and 70.1 percent chose love. Unsurprisingly, the older the respondent, the more likely he or she was to vote for love.

Sunrise or sunset? 62 percent preferred sunrise and 33 percent sunset.

Mountain or sea? The sea won with 69.4 percent of the votes.

Facebook or Instagram? Two out of three respondents preferred Facebook over Instagram. However, Instagram proved more popular in the younger age bracket.

Melomakarona or kοurabiedes? Melomakarona won with 63.5 percent. Kourabiedes were preferred by only 28.9%.

Dogs or cats? 69.4 percent preferred dogs and only 20.9 percent opted for cats.

Souvlaki or pizza? The Greek staple Souvlaki comfortably beat pizza with 65.9 vs. 29.9 percent of the votes.

Left or right? Almost a tie, with the Left slightly ahead at 41.8 vs. 40.6 percent.

Glory or money? More than half preferred money (55.7 percent), while 31 percent opted for glory.

Career or family? At this very family-oriented time of year, it was heartwarming to discover that 8 out of 10 Greek people preferred family over career.