Paying it Forward: Woman on Tinos Cooks 100+ Meals a Week for the Poor (Video)

Mrs. Katerina in Tinos Island

On the island of Tinos, a place known for its miracles and where countless pilgrimages take place each year, there is another kind of Saint in the making — a living and breathing one. Mrs. Katerina is her name, and she started the Community Kitchen on Tinos island a few years ago, cooking for those in need.

The story of how Mrs. Katerina came to help others is not without its own Divine intervention. Back in 2003, she came to a local woman’s monastery of Panagia on the island during a period of serious illness. It was there that a nun cared for her daily, looking after her needs. It was then that Mrs. Katerina decided to relocate permanently to the island; a decision that would soon impact the lives of hundreds of people in need.

Mrs. Katerina vowed to repay her debt to the locals and monastery for being at her side in her time of need. She soon started cooking meals for the island’s population in need, whether they were homeless, sick, disabled or poor – over 100 meals a week in total!

It wasn’t long before the Tinos Community Kitchen was realized, as friends and neighbors who heard of Mrs. Katerina’s goodwill decided that they too wanted to pitch in. A local group of local women also soon joined to help in preparing the meals to be delivered around the island community.

Running the Tinos Community Kitchen isn’t as simple as just cooking what is available and delivering it those in need. Since many of the people who receive the food are disabled or have medical conditions with restricted diets, it is imperative that the group of volunteers cook a variety of food choices.

The donations that keep the kitchen running are received each Friday and the operations of Tinos Community Kitchen is based solely on volunteers.

Be sure to check out the video below to learn more about this remarkable woman making a difference in the lives of so many on the island of Tinos.

Also, take a look at the Tinos Community Kitchen gofundme page here.