Record Low Temperatures Recorded in Florina, Northern Greece (video)

Freezing temperatures prevailed over several parts of Greece on Tuesday morning, according to the Meteo station of the National Observatory of Athens.

Highway traffic, rail and bus services were disrupted across northern Greece, where an all-time record low of -23 degrees Celsius (-9 Fahrenheit) was recorded in the city of Florina.

The thermometer in Nevrokopi, in the Drama region, showed -21 C and in Neos Kafkasos, in the Florina region, temperatures of -20.4 C were recorded.

Extremely low temperatures were also recorded in the city of Grevena, where residents experienced -19.9 C, and in the village of Vovousa, in the Ioannina region, where they reached -19.5C.

The town of Mavrolithari in the Fokida region logged a temperature of -19.3C, in Ptolemaida -18.5 C was recorded, and in the village of Pertouli, in the Trikala region, temperatures dropped to -17.5 C.

Extremely low temperatures were also experienced in Kozani, where -13 C was recorded, and it got down to -12 C in Kastoria.

In the city of Thessaloniki the lowest temperature recorded was -04 C, while in the regions of eastern Macedonia and Thrace the thermometer showed -11 C in the city of Drama and -09 C in Orestiada.

Lowest temperatures in Greece on Tuesday

A drone video from Saturday shot by Giannis Vasileiou captured Florina under a thick layer of snow: