Migrant Found Dead at Lesvos Refugee Camp

A 24-year-old man from Cameroon was found dead inside the Moria migrant camp on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos early Tuesday morning.

According to the Athens Macedonian News Agency the migrant was found by his friends at 2 AM local time.

His body was transferred to the hospital in Mytilene, where doctors confirmed his death.

A coroner is investigating the causes of death. No further details were provided on the incident.

A winter weather system dubbed Telemachos pushed down temperatures and brought widespread snowfall to many parts of Greece, including the island of Lesvos.

Several non-governmental aid organizations (NGO’s) have repeatedly slammed the dire living conditions in the overcrowded camp, which is the largest in Greece.

On Monday, two people, one refugee and one truck driver attempting to enter the camp, were injured during a protest at the Diavata refugee camp outside Thessaloniki. Approximately forty refugees and migrants blocked the road outside of the camp, demanding better living conditions.

The Diavata area has been covered in snow for several days, and temperatures have continued extremely low, while the camp’s refugees are living in tents.