Greek Unemployment Falls; Still Highest in Europe

The Greek unemployment rate fell slightly to 18.6 percent of the workforce in September 2018 from a level of 18.9 percent in August, Eurostat said on Wednesday.

In its latest report, released this week, the E.U. statistics agency said that the unemployment rate in the Eurozone overall fell to 7.9 percent in November from 8.0 percent in October, which represents the lowest level since October 2008.

Inside the E.U. itself, the unemployment rate held stable at 6.7 percent, which was the lowest level seen since January of the year 2000.

There are no November figures yet for the nation of Greece.

The actual number of unemployed people in the E.U. during that period was 16,491,000. The corresponding figure for the entire Eurozone 13,040,000 unemployed individuals in November.

Greece recorded the highest unemployment rate, followed by Spain, at 14.7 percent), while the Czech Republic, at 1.9 percent, and Germany, with 3.3 percent, had the lowest unemployment.

After Croatia, Greece recorded the biggest decline in the unemployment rate of any state in the E.U. for the last 12 months, decreasing from a rate of 20.8 percent in September of 2017 to 18.6 percent in September of 2018.

The total number of unemployed individuals in Greece was 887,000 in September. The unemployment rate among young people under 25 fell to 36.6 percent in September from 36.8 percent in August. These figures are still the highest anywhere in the E.U.

Source: AMNA