Greek Opposition Calls for “Progressive Front” Against Tsipras

New Democracy Party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis appealed on Wednesday to all democratic forces of the opposition to form a common “progressive front” against the SYRIZA-led government.

Addressing his party’s political committee, he stated that the next election will not just be about the economy, but also the quality of Greece’s democracy, as he referred to the “dark side” of the Alexis Tsipras administration.

Mitsotakis criticized the government for using the judicial system to serve its own purposes; extending threats to the press and therefore curtailing its freedom of speech; and approving leave from prison for convicted terrorists.

Mitsotakis invited young voters and those belonging to other parties to vote for his party at the national elections, which he called “the mother of all battles”.

He added that if the government loses the support of its coalition partner, the Independent Greeks Party (ANEL) over the Prespa agreement with FYROM, he should call snap elections.

Tsipras vowed on Wednesday that if ANEL left the government he would seek a confidence vote in Parliament. SYRIZA would then need the support of 151 lawmakers to survive.