Russia Claims Prespa Agreement ”Imposed From Outside”

The Russian Foreign Ministry building in Moscow. Photo by Wikipedia

Moscow has voiced its criticism of the vote taken in FYROM’s parliament regarding the Prespa Agreement, accusing the West on Monday of trying to unlawfully draw the country into the NATO alliance.

A statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that ”the decision by ”Macedonia’s” parliament, which voted in favor of changing the country’s name, has been imposed from outside and does not reflect the will of the people.”

The statement goes on to declare that ”it is clear that there is an ongoing process imposed from outside which is aimed at changing the country’s name in an artificial way, with the ultimate goal of forcefully inducting Skopje into NATO.”

Russia strongly opposes the Prespa Agreement, since it sees it as a Western plot to lure FYROM away from Russia’s sphere of influence in the Balkans. Russia believes this is what happened with the state of Montenegro back in 2017.