Six Arrests Over “Naming and Shaming” Campaign for Pro-Prespa MP’s

    Greek police on Wednesday arrested six suspects in several Macedonian cities for illegally placing posters “naming and shaming” lawmakers who will vote for the Prespa Agreement.

    Two of those arrested will be brought before a Thessaloniki prosecutor, but the other four were released with a warning.

    Posters with lawmakers’ names and photos had appeared in Thessaloniki overnight, with an added message saying, “It’s you who will betray our Macedonia.”

    According to police sources, the suspects belong to a nationalist Macedonian organization that had been thought defunct.

    Similar posters have appeared over the last few days in several other Greek towns, including Katerini, Poligyros and Ierissos.

    There clearly is anger In Macedonia at government M.P.’s who support the Prespa agreement. They are being accused of selling out Greek culture and history.