Greek Composer Mikis Theodorakis Calls on MPs to Vote Against Prespa Agreement

Mikis Theodorakis. File photo

Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis in an open letter published by the Greek daily Ta Nea on Saturday calls on Greek Parliamentarians to vote against the Prespa Agreement.

Theodorakis calls on all 300 members of the Parliament not to support ”this crime against Greece” adding that the damage that the agreement will cause to Greece will be irreversible.

The famous composer notes in his letter that the Greek people did not authorize any government to handle this issue according to its will, saying that the only prudent decision would be a referendum so that the people can decide on this crucial matter.

A rally against the Prespa Agreement is scheduled for Sunday morning in Athens’ Syntagma Square, with thousands of people being expected to attend, coming from across the country.

If the Prespa Agreement is ratified, Greece’s neighboring country of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will change its constitutional name to ”North Macedonia”, with Greece pledging to support the country’s entrance into international organizations, such as NATO.