Prespa Agreement Brought to the Greek Parliament

The Greek Parliament. File photo

The draft bill of the Prespa agreement was brought to the Greek Parliament on Saturday morning.

The bill, which will be discussed in the Greek Parliament next week, is expected to be voted on by Friday, January 25, 2019.

According to the agreement that was signed by the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the Prime Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Zoran Zaev on June 17, 2018, FYROM will change its constitutional name from the ”Republic of Macedonia” to the ”Republic of North Macedonia”.

Under the agreement, Greece recognizes the citizens of the country as ”Macedonians/Citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia” and the language of the country as ”Macedonian”, with the clarifying addition which says that the language ”belongs to the family of the southern Slavic languages”.

After the bill is voted on by the Greek Parliament, FYROM is expected to join NATO under its new, ”North Macedonia”, name.

The Greek Parliament has uploaded the draft bill on its website, which you can read in Greek here.