Greek Publisher Themos Anastasiadis Dies at 61

Themos Anastasiadis, the founder and owner of Proto Thema, Greece’s most popular Sunday newspaper, died on Tuesday in a Swiss hospital at the age of 61.

Anastasiadis was suffering from cancer and had been hospitalized for a time in a Zurich hospital.

Proto Thema said in a statement: “Themos left an indelible mark on Greek journalism with his calmness, humor, insightfulness, companionship and solidarity leaving behind some of the most beautiful moments in media. Themos will be dearly missed by us all at Proto Thema, but even more so by his beloved family. Farewell, Themos. Your memory will live on.”

Anastasidis was born on January 6, 1958. He worked as a journalist for several leading newspapers, including Kathimerini, To Vima and Eleftherotypia.

In 2005, alongside television journalist Makis Triantafyllopoulos, he created a new Sunday newspaper called Proto Thema. He was also the editor of the sports newspaper Protathlitis (Champion), which supports Olympiacos, a favorite team of Anastasiades.

Apart from his work in print journalism, Anastasiadis had worked also in television. From 2001 to February 2006 he was the host of “Ola”, a weekly comedy show on Alpha TV. He would invite various personalities from Greek show business to the show and highlight the many funny moments from Greek television.

In March 2006, Anastasiadis became host of the show “OlaXXL” on ANT1 television. As of 2008, the show has continued under a different name each year, but always containing the word “Ola”.