Attica Region Touted as Ultimate Wedding Destination

Local authorities from Greece’s largest prefecture of Attica revealed this week that they plan to promote wedding tourism in the region in the coming year. The announcement was made at the unveiling of Attica’s strategic plan for tourism for 2019.

Speaking with the state-run AMNA news agency, regional Councillor Elena Demopoulos said that foreign nationals wishing to take their wedding vows in Attica could provide a significant and ongoing source of income to local businesses.

Local authorities intend to invite major international wedding organizers to Athens soon in order to present the city of Athens as a destination to wedding travelers from all over the globe.

Among the unique advantages of the Greek capital, Demopoulos mentioned Athens’ spectacular cultural offerings, including a multitude of monuments and archaeological sites as well as other impressive photographic settings around the city.

The hundreds of historic Byzantine-era chapels spread across Attica and the islands would also be an ideal setting for wedding ceremonies. The area already boasts an abundance of hotels, catering facilities, reception spaces, and even wineries which remain open to visitors throughout the year.

To date, the majority of Athens’ wedding tourists have originated from Lebanon, except for one notable Indian wedding which took place several years ago in the city. That event was estimated to have brought nearly half a million euros to local businesses, from the wedding and its attendant reception and other expenditures.

All local authorities across the nation of Greece are elected every five years, with the next election taking place in May of 2019.

With information form A.M.N.A.