Greek Baby-Cry Interpretation Application Takes World Stage (video)

iCry2Talk developers (L-R) Andreas Loutzidis, Anastasia Ntracha and Jason Hadzikostas

A new Greek-designed software app which tells new parents what their baby is “saying” when it cries has become a finalist in an international technology competition.

“iCry2Talk” will be Greece’s entry to the final phase of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA). The award ceremony will be hosted by China in April.

The GSEA, a global competition for students who own and operate a business while attending a college or university, supports 1,700 students in sixty countries.

The Thessaloniki Aristotle University team say infants’ cry sounds are associated with a specific situation related to his or her physical and psychological condition. The babies’ cries of course represent their first attempt to communicate with the larger world.

The new app uses algorithms to analyze babies’ cries and interpret them as understandable data for their parents. The team claims that the need for such an app stems from the importance of eliciting the appropriate responses from parents.

“The responsiveness of the parent to the cue of their baby is the most important influence of a child’s intellectual development” according to the iCry2Talk development team.