Greek Main Opposition Close to Overall Majority in New Poll

Alexis Tsipras and leader of Opposition Kyriakos Mitsotakis in parliament

Conservative opposition New Democracy (ND) is leading governing SYRIZA with a whopping 12.1 percentage points in a new poll to be published on Sunday.

According to the poll by Metron Analysis on behalf of “To Vima”, ND gets 37.2 percent of the voters’ intentions, followed by SYRIZA on 25.1 percent.

The results would mean that ND would be close to getting an overall majority in the 300-strong parliament.

Extreme-right Golden Dawn is in third place with 9.1 percent of the preferences, followed by Movement for Change with 7 percent and the Communist Party (KKE) with 6.1 percent.

No other party is above the three percent threshold to be represented in Parliament.