Thousands Celebrate Epirus Culture in Athens (video)

Thousands of people turned up on Sunday at an indoor arena in Piraeus, south of Athens, to watch a spectacular display of Epirus culture.

The annual gathering of the Panepirotic Association of Greece was a great opportunity for Epirotes to showcase their dance, songs, and costumes to a huge audience at the Peace and Friendship Arena.

The event was a feast of color and sound with the participation of more than 3,000 dancers and musicians, including clarinetists, laouto players, defi players, and violinists.

The Panepirotic Association of Greece keeps the customs alive and promotes the rich history and culture of Greece’s Epirus region.

Thousands Greek Dance "Ipirotika"

More than 3000 dancers and musicians perform traditional Greek 'Epirotiko' dances at the "Peace and Friendship Stadium," south of Athens, at the annual celebration of Epirus culture. Full story:

Posted by Greek Reporter on Sunday, February 3, 2019