Electric Tuk-tuk Vehicles Coming to Greece

Soon, Greek citizens and tourists alike will have the option of catching a ride in a new type of auto rickshaw. Also known as a “tuk-tuk,” the small, efficient, electrically-powered vehicles are common sights throughout many Asian countries.

The tuk-tuk was created in Thailand 50 years ago and have been used as the traditional means of transport ever since. A new means of transport in the western world, since 2010 tuk-tuks have captured the interest of many European cities including Antwerp, Paris, Cannes and St. Tropez.

The highly cost-effective, completely electrically-powered vehicles, which resemble large golf carts, will be showcased at this year’s Posidonia Sea Tourism Show, which will be held May 28-29 in Athens. First-time exhibitor “Tuk Tuk Hellas” will be providing demonstrations of the vehicles to the show’s delegates and visitors.

Tuk-tuks have three wheels, and are equipped with either three or six seats, plus one for the driver. All the vehicles are made by hand.

The silent vehicles are ideal for sightseeing, tour guiding and transferring passengers to and from hotels, airports and port facilities. Above all, the vehicles are seen as a non-polluting, environmentally-friendly alternative mode of transportation which may be ideal for European cities which see large amounts of tourism.