Turkey To Send Second Drilling Vessel in East Mediterranean

The Turkish Energy Minister, Fatih Donmez, in an interview with the Turkish TV on Friday, said that his country is ready to send a second drill-ship outside its national jurisdiction in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey has already caused concerns in Cyprus, Greece and private companies due to its activity in the region.

When asked about the Republic of Cyprus’ energy projects that have started within the Republic’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Dolmez repeated the well-known Turkish position that ”Turkey will not accept any unilateral actions in this region”.

With this move, the Turkish leadership wishes to conduct two drillings per year.

Turkey has already sent the vessel ”Barbaros Kheireddin Pasha” in the Eastern Mediterranean to conduct research around Cyprus.

Dolmez, during his interview, said that the country has discovered a small natural gas reserve 50 miles from Istanbul, in the sea area of Eastern Thrace.