Greek, Cypriot and Egyptian Speakers Hold First Trilateral Meeting

The Parliamentary Speakers of the nations of Egypt (L), Cyprus (M) and Greece (R) met in Nicosia. Photo by CNA

The first-ever formal meeting between the parliamentary presidents of Cyprus, Greece and Egypt took place at Cyprus’ House of Representatives on Monday.

The meeting was held in the context of the new trilateral cooperation between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt to promote stability and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Nikolaos Voutsis, the president of the Greek parliament, arrived in Nicosia on Sunday night to attend the Monday meeting.

The Greek Speaker’s agenda focused on ways the three countries might increase their cooperation in the areas of energy, tourism and culture.

In an introductory statement, Demetrios Syllouris, Cyprus’ President of the House of Representatives, said that this first trilateral meeting ”conveys a concrete political message.

The meeting shows the world “Our will to work together to the benefit of our countries and our peoples and to the benefit of peace, stability and prosperity in our troubled region,” Syllouris added.

The trilateral meeting concluded with the adoption of a joint declaration and statements by the three heads of parliament.

With information from A.M.N.A. and C.N.A.