Workers in Food Delivery Services Protest in Thessaloniki

Protesters in Thessaloniki. Photo by Kathimerini

The union of workers for the food-delivery industry led a demonstration which took the form of a motorcade down the central streets of Thessaloniki on Monday morning.

The union claims that incidents of physical and verbal abuse against the workers in the sector are countless. The latest incident involves a worker who was allegedly forced to use his own motorbike as part of his work.

The allegations also involve his employer forcing him to pay himself for the petrol he had to use while delivering goods as part of his work. He also worked for months without insurance and did not receive a Christmas bonus, which is illegal in Greece.

The union claims that the working conditions of many of its members are ”medieval,” and declares that they will no longer tolerate incidents like these.

Many Greek citizens, especially young people, work in food-delivery services to earn money for their studies.

However, during the years of the financial crisis, older people who had just lost their positions also turned to jobs that sector in order to support their families.