Ioannina Cleaner Sentenced to Eight Years For Forged School Diploma

The woman worked as a cleaner in the Hospital of Ioannina. File photo

A cleaner from the Greek city of Ioannina has been convicted and sentenced to eight years imprisonment for forging her primary school diploma in order to be hired at the city hospital, local media reported on Thursday.

There is still no clear information on exactly when the trial was held, but it was known that the woman had tried in the past to avoid trial for medical reasons. Judges involved in the case dismissed her claims as fake.

A strikingly similar case in the city of Volos, Thessaly, made national headlines  last year, when a 53-year-old cleaner was sentenced to ten years in jail for the exact same crime.

Greece’s Supreme Court decided to intervene in that case, following a great public uproar to negate the sentence, because it was considered to be excessively harsh and unreasonable.

The Ioannina hospital cleaner has already appealed her conviction, and a new trial is scheduled for March this year.