Greek State Seeks Interpreters Who Speak “Macedonian”

The Greek government announced on Thursday that it is seeking to hire interpreters who have a command of the “Macedonian” language.

It is the first time that Greece has includes the “Macedonian” language among the list of skills and competences desirable for new staff. The language, which is spoken by citizens of North Macedonia, belongs to the South Slavic family of languages.

Interpreters will be assigned to the the National Intelligence Service, Greece’s primary intelligence agency, which is responsible for a range of domestic and foreign matters. The agency is tasked with investigating a wide range of criminal activities and civil rights violations as well as terrorism and espionage.

The announcement came two days after the government in Skopje proclaimed that the Prespa Agreement, which changes the name of the country to the Republic of North Macedonia, came into effect as of February 12.