ELSTAT: Visitors and Revenue to Museums, Archaeological Sites Up in Jan-Oct 2018

Visitors to Greek museums and archaeological sites in October 2018 posted a 13.4 pct and 12.4 pct rise respectively in comparison with the same month in 2017 the Hellenic Statistical Authority ELSTAT reported on Friday.

The increase in total visitors to museums included a 16 pct hike in free-admission visitors, while museum revenues increased by 12.8 pct in the same month, the report said. For the 10-month period January-October 2018 there was a 9.1 pct hike in total visitors to museums, a 6.7 pct increase in free-admission visits and a 12.1 pct increase in revenue.

For archaeological sites, ELSTAT said that there was a 12.4 pct rise in total visitors in October 2018, a 19.4 pct increase in free-admission visitors and an 8.6 pct rise in revenue. Over the nine-month period, there was a 14.2 pct increase in total visitors, 12.5 pct increase in free-admission visitors and a 12.4 pct rise in revenue.