Greek Main Opposition Wins Overall Majority in New Poll

A  new poll published on Wednesday suggests that the conservative Greek opposition New Democracy Party will earn more than 150 seats in a new parliament, easily achieving an overall majority.

The poll, by Public Issue, awards New Democracy with 39 percent support from likely voters, while governing SYRIZA Party follows far back with 24.5 percent support.

The Socialist “Movement for Change” party is in third place with 8.5 percent. Extreme right party Golden Dawn follows with 7.5 and the Communist party garnered 6.5 percent approval from likely voters.

No other political party received above the 3-percent threshold to have parliamentary representation in the next parliament.

Public Issue analysts estimate that New Democracy will win between 150-170 seats, whereas SYRIZA will elect between 60 and 77 MP’s in the 300-member parliament.

The following chart depicts the voting intentions from 2015 to today, according to the polls conducted by Public Issue.