Mykonos Flaunts its Green Side as Spring Arrives (video)

This magnificent video of the landscape of the island of Mykonos in late February shows a different side of the cosmopolitan island.

As Spring begins to arrive, the landscape is becoming green and lush and yellow flowers have flooded the fields, creating an idyllic scene.

The tranquility of the island is in complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the Summer months when millions of tourists descend on it, to swim, sunbathe, party, and see and be seen.

The locals say that the lush landscape is due to the heavy rainfall the island receives during the winter.

Mykonos’ weather permits year-round visitation by tourists, but in early Spring there are no crowds, and hotel rates are reasonable. It seems like an ideal time to visit this magical island, without going shoulder-to-shoulder with other tourists.

In contrast to the Greek mainland, which is somewhat colder, Mykonos experiences a typical Mediterranean winter: mild with temps that dip down into the mid-50s.

Video courtesy of Mykonos Live: