Greek First-Aid ‘EKAΒ’ Service Reactivates Road Accident Prevention Division

After 13 years of inactivity, Greece’s National Center of First-Aid ”EKAB” service will reactivate its division dedicated to road traffic accident prevention, Kathimerini newspaper reported on Sunday.

This decision was taken due to Greece’s high numbers of road traffic accidents.

The country has an average of 69 deaths per million citizens, a figure much higher than the EU’s average of 50 deaths per million citizens.

Members of the accident prevention division suggest that Greece reduces the alcohol limits for drivers to zero, as the country has adopted one of Europe’s highest speed-limits on its highways, with 130 kilometers per hour.

In parallel with the total ban of alcohol consumption to drivers, the division urges the Greek Police to intensify its monitoring to prevent drunk drivers from driving in the future.

Studies have shown that an average reduction of 5 kilometers per hour of the speed on a country’s highways can result in a reduction of up to 30 percent in the number of deaths caused by road traffic accidents.