Thousands Dress Up and Party at Sunday’s Grand Carnival Parade in Patras

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Thousands of visitors and residents of the city of Patras are enjoying the sunny weather by dancing and singing at the Grand Carnival parade on Sunday.

The Carnival has been taking place since the 19th century.

Every year, approximately 30,000 people register to take part in the parade and the events across the city, with the celebrations lasting from the morning until late at night.

The Sunday parade is normally broadcasted by state-run ERT1 tv station, as it is considered the largest and most spectacular carnival celebration in the country.

The all-day events and celebrations are scheduled to conclude at 9 o’clock local time this evening (7:00 pm GMT) with the spectacular burning of the effigy of the carnival king and an amazing fireworks display before people continue their celebrations in local clubs, pubs, and bars.

Every year, the carnival celebrations of Patras attract thousands of tourists both from Greece and abroad, with local hotels booked to full occupancy throughout the last weekend of the Carnival and ”Clean Monday”, which is a bank holiday in Greece.