A 24-Year Old is Greece’s Youngest Female Truck Driver

Most of Greece’s trucks go to Italy from the ports of Patras or Igoumenitsa. File photo

Daniela, a 24-year old professional truck driver, is the youngest woman truck driver in Greece. The young driver, who is based in Germany, comes from the Greek city of Drama.

For the purposes of this story she would like to be known by only her first name.

A professional truck driver since the age of 21, Daniela decided at a very young age to live her adult life in this rather solitary manner, spending her days on the open road. Transporting products all around Europe isn’t easy. It can be a tough job, with long hours of travel, under any and all kinds of weather conditions all around the continent.

Truck driving is still an overwhelmingly male-dominated profession, but the 24-year old Greek woman doesn’t seem to spend a great deal of time worrying about that.

Speaking with an interviewer from Greece’s iefimerida website, Daniela said that her profession has given her many moments of relaxation and solitude, which she enjoys, as well as the chance to see many new places that she had never visited before.

While aboard a large ferry carrying scores of vehicles, sailing between the ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa, Greece and Brindisi, Italy, Daniela explains how much she enjoys her job.

When she is inside the ferry, she always meets up with numerous other drivers from Greece, Italy and  other nations. They all know each other, and chat together while poking gentle fun at each other each time they meet. They all enjoy traveling, despite the long distances they have to cover each and every time.

When she is inside her lorry, Daniela says that she feels like she is at home. She even has a rug, saying that she never gets in the truck wearing shoes. ”The only time I wear shoes is when I drive, because in case of an emergency, I don’t want to start running, wearing just my socks!” she says, laughing.

Truck driving is considered a well-paid and growing profession across Europe. Drivers make very good wages and there is a high demand for new professionals, as trade continues to expand across the continent.